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Invisible Learning Challenges

July 11, 2015



Children and adults with invisible learning needs, like learning disabilities, ADHD or autism, require some simple adaptations or accommodations. As an example, some of these people have trouble with processing oral language - so directions and oral information are challenging for them to remember and to act on.  Visual learning cues and giving them instructions in small chunks allow them to feel successful and reduces their stress in the environment, which improves learning and behaviour.


Coaches try using a whiteboard to demonstrate the plays. I bet most of the kids on your team will do better! Parents make a checklist and post it on the door so that your child can make sure they have all of their equipment!


As a principal, I sometimes saw well-intentioned people interacting with students with these learning challenges and they actually made the situation worse instead of better. A classic example is getting mad at a child, who legitimately, can’t remember what they were asked to do, even though it may have been the third time they were asked! Save the anger and frustration for you and the child by just repeating or rephrasing the instructions! Less stress and more success for everyone, especially the child with the invisible learning challenge.


Although these ideas aren’t earth shattering, they help people who learn differently.

Stay tuned for more blogs and ideas related to learning differently!

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