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What Does It Mean to Learn Differently

July 9, 2015

Everyone learns differently, right?


Yes, and some of us need some special learning devices, strategies or tools to show just how smart and capable we really are.


Think about it! For a person in a wheel chair, steps are really challenging, so we adapt and give them a ramp or an elevator. It doesn’t make them any less capable of learning but that ramp sure makes life and activities more accessible. 


What about glasses? If you have a blurred vision, glasses or larger print sure do make a difference in clarity and focus! My arm is no longer long enough to read print clearly; so reading glasses are a new must for me!


Many other people are helped with hearing equipment such as microphones, speakers to assist with clarity of sounds and our ability to hear. All of these changes are so routine, that we don’t even think about them as special or additional, but take them away and see what happens!


Parents of children with invisible learning challenges will tell you that sometimes they are shunned or judged as ineffective because their child needs some special accommodations.  How horrible that our society can’t be more open and accepting! Tolerance and understanding go a long way and we do not know everyone’s back-story! Why assume a judgmental view, rather than a supportive one?

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