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Disclaimer: EnVisions Learning is dedicated to supporting parents of children with learning challenges including LD/ADHD. The content of this website is for informational purposes and should not be substituted for informed professional diagnosis, advice or therapy.

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Educational Consultant


One to one teaching with a specialist teacher certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) with Additional Qualifications (AQ), such as Math, English, Reading, Special Education and French.



Qualified Teacher


One to one teaching with a teacher certified with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).



Educational Assistant


This program is supervised by one of our Educational Consultants and delivered by an Educational Assistant (EA), an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) or a student who has an interest in teaching.



Tutoring and Technology Support


At EnVisions Learning in Pickering Ontario, we specialize in helping students with learning disabilities, autism, and ADHD. Our clients benefit from a tutor who understands these special learners and can adapt assignments or homework to enhance their learning while focusing on improving learning strategies. Support often includes assistance in becoming efficient users of a student's specially assigned equipment or software programs e.g., speech-to-text software. Our support always focuses on where the student is and goal setting taking them to the next level! Behavioural strategies, self-regulation and anti-bullying strategies are also integrated into the child's learning. At the high school level, more importance is placed on self advocacy and organization to build success.


We offer a range of tutoring possibilities to support your child and your budget.  

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled,
                   but a fire to be kindled.”
                                      - Plutarch

"We must be the change we
wish to see in the world"
 - Mahatma Ghandi