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Disclaimer: EnVisions Learning is dedicated to supporting parents of children with learning challenges including LD/ADHD. The content of this website is for informational purposes and should not be substituted for informed professional diagnosis, advice or therapy.

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Educational Services

EnVisions Learning services start with a complimentary consultation with an educational consultant who reviews the information that the parent has collected including report cards, Individual Education Plans (IEP), and previous assessment data.


Working collaboratively, the parents, educational consultant and student,if appropriate, develop a plan of action to increase student success.


EnVisions Learning is a family-centered organization who thinks that parents know their children the best! What we bring to the table is extensive knowledge about learning throughout the years of childhood and adolescence, astute assessment and instructional skills partnered with extensive knowledge of the educational system.​ Advocating for your child's success is our mandate. You become part of the EnVisions Family!